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materials in a hub of supporting features.


Rehub Contributes to the Transformation
from a Linear to a Circular Economy in the Construction Industry

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Looking for circular materials? Search through our database of reusable materials and find, reserve, or purchase your material now.

Know more about reusing materials

Do you want to reuse materials, but don’t know where to start? Know more about the Rehub-way of reusing building materials.

Sell Materials

Do you have a database of materials or a building filled with reusable resources? Know more about how to safeguard the circular economy principles the Rehub-way as a supplier of materials.

It should be more attractive and just as easy for the buyer to choose a used building material as a new one, as well as contribute to the transformation from a linear to a circular economy in the construction industry.
To make reuse the natural choice in construction projects. Across various marketplaces and services, Rehub will provide as seamless a process for the user as possible.